Zope, M2Crypto, and Gentoo

jsmilan at tiny.net jsmilan at tiny.net
Sun Sep 26 17:18:45 CEST 2004

Hi, all;

I'm strictly an amateur developer who has dabbled in a half dozen
languages on eight or nine systems over 20 years or so.  I have never
devoted the time or energy to thoroughly learn any one of them, so I have
become a true JOATAMON (Jack Of All Trades And Master Of None).  I
apologize in advance for any truly newb sounding questions.  I did Google
for this in several places first (Zope.org, Gentoo forums, and Google
UseNet search) and haven't found anything relevant.

I'm working on a Zope project that I hope to make as portable as
possible.  Target platforms for sure are Linux and Windows.  Other
desirable platforms would be Mac OS/X and *BSD.  My development box is a
Gentoo installation.  All software running came from Gentoo ebuilds.

One of the things that I'm striving for is the smallest footprint
possible to help reduce the number of platform specific issues.  I want
to add HTTPS functionality to this project.  I've run into what looks
like either a documentation issue, or possibly a Gentoo ebuild specific
issue.  I have posted the same question to the Gentoo forums, but in case 
it's a Zope or M2Crypto specific documentation issue I thought I'd repeat 
it here.

I'm currently running Zope 2.7.2-r1, and I just grabbed M2Crypto 0.12-r1
(latest offered as a stable Gentoo ebuild) last night.  I was reading
through the included ZServerSSL-HOWTO.html.  This HOWTO was written for
M2Crypto 0.11 and Zope 2.6.*.

According to the HOWTO I need to, and I quote:


"The ZServerSSL distribution is in $M2/demo/Zope. We shall refer to this 
directory as $ZSSL.


Below, we refer to your Zope top-level directory as $ZOPE.

Copy $ZSSL/z2s.py into $ZOPE.

Depending on your operating system, modify $ZOPE/start or $ZOPE/start.bat 
to invoke $ZOPE/z2s.py, instead of $ZOPE/z2.py. The files $ZSSL/starts 
and $ZSSL/starts.bat serve as examples."


However, there IS no z2.py on my system.  Instead, my
/etc/init.d/myzopeserver file calls zopectl, which in turn calls a
configuration file that resides underneath /var/lib/zope/myzopeserver.

Has anyone out there gotten this particular combination to work?  Is
there an easy way to pull this off?  Am I just being incredibly dense and
looking in the wrong place?


Jim Smilanich jsmilan at visi.com
"A man should be able to pilot a starship, plan an invasion, diaper
a baby, ....specialization is  for insects!"  --  Lazarus Long

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