Greenlets: where are they now???

Peter Hansen peter at
Sun Sep 12 20:34:19 CEST 2004

David Pokorny wrote:

> A) Why aren't greenlets being considered as a solution to coroutines? 

Maybe because coroutines aren't a problem that needs to be solved. :-)
Seriously though, what is the actual problem to which you feel
greenlets are a good solution?  Answering that might reveal that
relatively few people actually face the problem described,
thus few people bother with its solution...

> D) How did he come up with a cool name like "Greenlet"?

"Green threads" is a term that is fairly widely used for
non-native (non-OS) threads, though I have no idea of the
origin.  Presumably these are a lightweight type of non-
native thread, thus greenlet.


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