Problems with subclassing

Chris S. chrisks at
Tue Sep 14 00:03:28 CEST 2004

Alexander Stante wrote:

> Hello,
> I have the following problem. I want to subclass from the pygame class
> Surface, but I can't get it working:
> class sprite(Surface):
> def __init__(self, image_array, palette):
> "some code here"
> when I want to create a instance with:
> gfx.sprite(arrayi, palette)
> I get the following error message:
> TypeError: argument 1 must be sequence of length 2, not 100
> It seems that the constructor of Surface is not overrided by the one in
> sprite, but why?

Try manually specifying the subclassed constructor within your new 
constructor. For example:

class sprite(Surface):
     def __init__(self, image_array, palette):
         Surface.__init__(self, someargs)

Then, ensure you are instantiating the subclass correctly.

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