Question: tools for business apps development

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Sep 9 15:31:02 CEST 2004

Carlos Ribeiro wrote:

> -- Philosophically thinking, it's not free so it should not be used.
> This a Stalmanish position, but it does have some power in the context
> of a decision to use only free tools.

The player is free.  And while the ability to create Flash files
is also free, it's true that currently there are few useful tools
to do that, and the alternatives are not only not free, but in
some cases are rather expensive (especially compared to where the
price of development tools has come in recent years).  I suspect
that as Macromedia finds more of a market amongst developers for
this sort of thing (as Dan suggests they are doing) they may
discover that charging $500 for the development side isn't going to
get them much of the market.  Maybe something less "flashy" and
more staid and serious for more like $50-200 would get them into
that area much more rapidly.


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