Not able to read blank lines and spaces on a small text file

Ruben fernandezvictor77 at
Mon Sep 13 16:48:14 CEST 2004


I am trying to read a small text file using the readline statement. I
can only read the first 2 records from the file. It stops at the blank
lines or at lines with only spaces. I have a while statement checking
for an empty string "" which I understand represents an EOF in Python.
The text file has some blank lines with spaces and other with blanks.

Thanks a lot.


The following is the text file: The first line begins with OrgID.
OrgID:              Joe S. Smith
OrgName:             Smith Foundation

OrgID:              Ronald K.Jones
OrgName:             Jones Foundation

The following is my script:

#Open input file to be processed with READ access
input_file = open("C:/Documents and Settings/ruben/My
Documents/Python/text.txt", "r")

empty_string_lines = 0

record = input_file.readline()
while record != "":


                record = input_file.readline()

# Split words separated by delimiter(TAB) or separated by spaces
# into elements of the list "key_value_pair"

                key_value_pair = record.split()

                key = key_value_pair[0]

# Slice/delete first element of list "key_value_pair"

                value = key_value_pair[1:]

# Join all elements from the list "value" and add a "blank space" in
# between elements

                concatenated_value= ' '.join(value)

		print concatenated_value

                if record == "": 

			empty_string_lines += 1
			print " Victor Empty string lines = ", empty_string_lines
# Get values from table

		if key  == "OrgID:":
			org_id = value

		elif key == "OrgName:":
			org_name = value

		elif record == ' ':
			print "Blank line"

		elif record == '':
			print "END OF FILE"

		print "RECORD = ", record
        except IndexError:

if record == "":
	print "EOF", record

elif record == '\0':

	print "NULL Characters found"

elif record == "\n":

	print "Newline found"

elif record == " ":

	print "Blank line found"

# Close file


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