python image thumbnail generator?

Damjan gdamjan at
Mon Aug 29 22:16:02 CEST 2005

Chris Dewin wrote:

> Hi. I run a website for my band, and the other guys want an image gallery.
> I'm thinking it would be nice and easy, if we could just upload a jpg into
> a dir called "gallery/". When the client clicks the "gallery" link, a
> cgi script could search the gallery/ dir, and create thumbnails of any
> jpeg images that don't already have a thumbnail associated with them. The
> script could then generate a page of clickable thumbnails.

Once I made an example mod_python handler, that resized images on the fly.
For example:
 http://server/folder/image.jpg - would give you the original image, served
directly by apache without any performance hit.

 http://server/folder/image.jpg?thumbnail  - would resize the picture (and
cache the result on disk) and return that, on a second request it would
return the cached image very fast by calling an apache.send_file function.



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