Running one Python program from another as a different user

dwelch91 at dwelch91 at
Sat Aug 13 00:21:49 CEST 2005

This is on Linux... I have a daemon running as root and I want to
execute another Python program as another user (a regular user). I have
the name of the user and can use the 'pwd' and 'grp' modules to get
that user's user and group ids. What I don't understand is how to then
go about launching that new program. I had considered having the
launched program switch itself back to the target user (somehow), but
the launched program is graphical in nature (PyQt), and I am afraid of
X11 locking out the display to user root (many distros seem to ship
with server access for user root turned off). That might prevent the
launched program from even starting?

Any ideas? My Google searching was not successful in figuring this



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