Doubt C and Python

Wouter van Ooijen wouter at
Sun Aug 28 21:38:15 CEST 2005

>> I use Python when my time is most valuable (in most cases it is), in
>> the very few cases the computer's time is more valuable I write in
>> C/C++.
>In cases when the computer's time is more valuable, why not use CPython 
>with C/C++ API? Only most time consuming parts can be replaced to C/C++ 
>codes so as to increase the speed up to native C/C++ programs).

That assumes that one knows which are the most time-consuming parts,
that they are few (which is typically, but not always, the case) and
that they are 'fit' to be transferred to the C/C++ domain. The one
application I have written the last few years that probably would not
be fit to this approach is a compiler (Jal). It spends most of its
time walking the annotated syntax tree, with a lot of code
contributing rather evenly to the CPU time.

Don't take me wrong, IIRC that is the *only* PC program I have written
the last few years for which I selected the language and the language
was not Python :)

But I mainly program PICs. Where is the 10F200 Python interpreter when
you need one?

Wouter van Ooijen

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