Error with Python

Robert rmanx at
Mon Aug 22 17:05:46 CEST 2005


I have created a tool in Python 2.3 under WinXP
Now I extended this tool and now my tool makes Python crash. I see Dr Watson
showing a stacktrace.
This tool also uses wxPython.

Dr Watson says:
AppName: python.exe
ModName: python23.dll
ModVer: 2.3.5150.1012
Offset: 0003736a

The stacktrace is very long and I don't know how to copy and paste it,
because it cannot be selected. (I have made some screenshots)

Python crashes as I can see from my tools log file, when the tool is
handling messages on the Queue object. My tool is multi threaded and unsing
Queue to send messages between threads and the main GUI thread.

My questions now are:
- can I get some help from somebody on this problem (is Python 2.3
- how do I find out if this is Python or wxPython related problem?
- which information or tool could help me to search for the problem myself?
- do I have to be the absolute Python guru to find the problem or is it
enough to know programming a little bit?
- where to start?

I would change to Python 2.4 but then I have also to change to new wxPython
and this is a big migration effort (I have tried already).

Hope someone can give me some hints...



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