OpenSource documentation problems

Terry Hancock hancock at
Wed Aug 31 23:34:03 CEST 2005

On Tuesday 30 August 2005 05:15 pm, Benji York wrote:
> Terry Hancock wrote:
> > OTOH, there are lots of poorly-documented third-party Python
> > modules (as in any language).  Zope is a particularly nasty
> > example -- though I think I understand some of the reasons 
> > behind that (rapidly changing API, poor interaction with doc
> > tools, etc).
> Are you referring to Zope 2 or 3 here?  I ask because I consider the 
> Zope 3 code (at least the parts written in the last couple years) to be 
> some of the best (externally) documented code I've worked with.

I'm talking about Zope 2.  I haven't had a chance to fully explore
Zope 3, yet, but what little I have learned has all been good.  I suspect
they are probably using an automatic documentation approach now?
That certainly seemed to be the way they've been leaning.

The biggest problem would seem to be the discontinuity between 2 & 3,
but that's also probably the biggest asset, so there you go. ;-)


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