Usenet, HTML (was Re: Jargons of Info Tech industry)

John Bokma john at
Thu Aug 25 23:38:24 CEST 2005

Ulrich Hobelmann <u.hobelmann at> wrote:

> On the information side (in contrast to the discussion side) RSS is 
> replacing Usenet,

LOL, how? I can't post to RSS feeds. Or do you mean for lurkers?

> There is no real reason why NNTP couldn't be used like RSS (i.e.
> contain a small description and a web link as message text),

It has been used like that for ages (or as long as I can remember).

> or why a
> newsgroup shouldn't we written in HTML and contain a (default, or
> user-provided) CSS sheet.

It's called www. It's already here (or there)

> If things were that way, suddenly people
> *would* use Outlook and Thunderbird for news-reading,

But why do you want that? (Oh, and you can't read news with Outlook). Why 
do you want more people on Usenet? 

> while today
> everything is just Browser+HTTP.

And what's wrong with that?

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