zipfile library - problem..

Bryan Olson fakeaddress at
Thu Aug 11 12:08:28 EDT 2005

Renzo wrote:
 > Renzo ha scritto:
 > <cut all>
 > I've seen that the error is a known bug:
 > "zipfile still has 2GB boundary bug"
 > <>
 > so I've used the module TarFile instead ZipFile, and now the script
 > works perfectly.

Thanks; good to know. Looks like people are working on this
Python library bug. Next after that, we'll need to fix the zip
format. The 4GB limit on contained files and 256TB limit on
archives both looked astronomical at the time they were defined.
Sorry to sound like an old guy, but wow, how times change.

Incidentally, since your files are jpegs, they're already
compressed, and thus TarFile should be just as good as ZipFile


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