JOB: Python/web developer/network contract

Steven Arnold stevena at
Tue Aug 2 03:18:30 CEST 2005

Neosynapse Inc is seeking an experienced Python developer for a short- 
term engagement with a new Neosynapse government customer.  The task  
will require 5-7 years of overall programming experience; at least  
two years of Python experience; experience writing web applications;  
and a good basic knowledge of networks, including routers, IP blocks,  
firewalls, etc.  Knowledge of and experience with protocols such as  
SNMP will be a big plus.  Many of the hosts to be monitored will run  
on Windows; hence an understanding of Windows and Perfmon will also  
be helpful.  The right candidate will be someone who is comfortable  
learning new things on the fly, using resources such as google, books  
and occasional customer contacts.

Among other things, you will use and modify a tool provided by  
Neosynapse, written in Python, that will test a web application for  
correctness and load; and you will author a web-based dashboard that  
will indicate the health and welfare of the application.

This position is contract-only and is located in Washington, DC.  All  
work for this engagement is performed on-site.  This position could  
lead to further work with our customer, or to other contract work  
with Neosynapse; we value skilled programmers and usually have plenty  
to do.

Please send resumes directly to me at stevena at  I can  
read PDF, text, web/html, or, yes, Word format.


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