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Wed Aug 24 05:49:24 CEST 2005

On Tuesday 23 August 2005 06:28 am, Will McGugan wrote:
> praba kar wrote:
> >    I want to know the link between c and python.
> >    Some people with C background use Python instead   
> > of  programming in C.why?

For the same reason that people acquainted with assembly
language nevertheless chose to write software in C. It is a
higher level language.

That generally translates to:

1) Gettng much more done in much less time.

2) Being able to think about the problem at a more
abstract level, and not getting befuddled with trivia.

3) Fewer bugs (there is a claim that bugs are directly
proportional to lines of code, so that any language that
allows you to get the job done with fewer LOC will also
allow you to do it with fewer bugs).

4) The result is usually slower and bulkier, being less
hand optimized.

1,2, & 3 are definitely advantages.

4 is a disadvantage, but there are reasons not to worry
about it:

	* CPU time and memory progress rapidly enough
           that wasting expensive programmer time on reducing
           them is often a poor trade.

       * The claim that a Human can optimize code better than
          the compiler assumes a very smart and talented Human,
          and/or a very dumb compiler.  Compilers are getting smarter,
          and since a lot more people find the need to program, the
          average programmer is not that talented. I'm pretty I'm
          not, for example -- I'll take my chances with the compiler. ;-)


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