String functions deprication

Tim Peters tim.peters at
Tue Aug 16 18:54:28 CEST 2005

[steve morin]
> These methods are being deprecated.  What are they being replaced
> with?  Does anyone know?

As it says at the top of that page,

    The following list of functions are also defined as methods of string and
    Unicode objects; see ``String Methods'' (section 2.3.6) for more
    information on those. You should consider these functions as deprecated,
    although they will not be removed until Python 3.0.

The methods of string and Unicode objects are not deprecated.  It's
just the redundant _functions_ in the string module that are

Historically, the functions in the string module existed long before
strings and Unicode objects had any methods.  Now that string and
Unicode objects do have methods, the functions in the string module
are no longer needed.

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