Decline and fall of scripting languages ?

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Mon Aug 8 14:28:50 CEST 2005

phil wrote:

>>Kay Schluehr (kay.schluehr at wrote:
>>: No good news for scripting-language fans:
>What incredible horse dooey.
>The only thing that NEVER "penetrates the enterprise space"
>is good sense.
>Does anyone read history books?  There is no such thing as a large
>corporation that is not doomed.  There are a few names which are
>older than 1/2 a century but the companies and players are
>unrecognizable. We have barbeque joints in Texas older than IBM.
>And noone from 1970 would recognize IBM.
>The "enterprise" is good for one thing.  Devouring each other.
>The "enterprise"'s opinion about what is good for the future
>is like this broker I knew in Dallas.  All you had to do was
>find out which stock he was recommending, then short it.
Err, that's not what is meant by enterprise, it's a catch all term for 
large distributed systems, take a look at the link below for an idea of 

    Obviously there are other variations on this than the Sun stuff but 
enterprise dosn't mean 'very large companies' in this case.




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