Creating a virtual file system

Jeff Schwab jeffrey.schwab at
Wed Aug 10 04:25:28 CEST 2005

Bryan Olson wrote:
> Atila Olah wrote:
>  > My question is: How do I implement a virtual partition that acts like a
>  > real file-system and is compleatly transparent to other programs?
>  > Should I make a virtual file allocation table for a FAT32 partition or
>  > simulate an NTFS? Or even further: How do I create a junction (or a
>  > hard link) to it in "My network places" or in "Entire Network"?
> Hmmm... I seem to rememeber ... Ah, here...
> On:
> 'Petard' and 'Foolhard' note that the Microsoft Windows IFS
> (Installable File System) Developer's Kit costs like $900. Doing
> it well would be a large and expensive project. Read their posts
> for more discouragement.
>  > Thanks forward for help.
> Not exactly helpful was I?  Sorry.

You don't have to pay Microsoft to develop a Windows-compatible 
filesystem.  See

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