Any projects to provide Javascript-style client-side browser access via Python?

Paul Rubin http
Fri Aug 26 22:04:26 CEST 2005

Kenneth McDonald <kenneth.m.mcdonald at> writes:
> I'm curious about this because, quite aside their function as web
> browsers, it is now possible to build some very useable interfaces
> using browsers with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. (The biggest problem
> is still the lack of a decent text widget.) However, JavaScript isn't
> really a good language for building complex applications, and it
> would be very cool if there were some way to use Python to replace
> client-side JavaScript, in order to gain access the DOM.
> So anyone know if there are projects underway on this?

Python isn't a good choice as a browser language because it doesn't
have enough security.  Hostile scripts can take over the interpreter
too easily.  

There was a Python-based browser effort called Grail which I don't
think got very far.

Personally I think there are very few good uses for complex client
side browser scripts.  Most sites that use Javascript don't really
need to.

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