Python Project (sigh with Java)

Ramza Brown berlin.brown at
Tue Aug 9 05:22:32 CEST 2005

could ildg wrote:
> Good job~
> I also like both java and py so I always focus on jython,
> but now it's being moved forward kinda slow.
> I'm looking forward to jython 2.4.
> You're right, swing is great. wxpy is also wonderfu but it's so lack
> of docs. I mainly work on windows so I use p4d(python for delphi), I
> use delphi for UI and use py for some other works. p4d is magic, I
> like it. And I recommend it to everyone who is familiar with both py
> and delphi.
> On 8/9/05, Ramza Brown <berlin.brown at> wrote:
>>I know you may frown at my use at java, but this is a pretty simple way
>>to create GUIs quickly, using Java's swing.  I have some code for an
>>approach for integrating the swing GUI components and python.  I threw
>>the project together in a couple of days, so it is not some massive
>>application.  And, I have some little models(hehe).  Anyway, if you want
>>to check out an approach for working with Jython, here it is.
>>Some questions, I do get asked, how do you us python code in java.  I
>>normally don't like using my python objects in the java code.
>>Basically, there is never the *.java files.  You can do everything in
>>python, it is a lot simpler, short of language constructs you can only
>>do in java.
>>This is a HTML code generator, you only need a java runtime.
>>Ramza from Atlanta

And I normally don't take the entire python library with me.  I just 
take 'jython.jar' so I can distribute it easier.

Ramza from Atlanta

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