The ONLY thing that prevents me from using Python

Martin P. Hellwig mhellwig at
Fri Aug 5 19:49:13 CEST 2005

Magnus Lycka wrote:
> Martin P. Hellwig wrote:
>> Kevin wrote:
>> <cut, can't get as many python web hosters as I want>
>> Well, for some strange reason I have never found that to be a problem.
> If you develop software for an external customer, and they have
> an existing web site run by some ISP that you have no control over,
> this might well be a problem.

Yes indeed there are a *load of companies not interested in technology 
they just want a fancier web page then their rivals, for them this is 
definitely a problem well actually it's a problem for the developer.
Do you tell the client to do it your way or do you do it their way.
It all depends, I work in and for non-profit organization so I mostly I 
can do what I think is the best solution. I'll explain that and what the 
advantage or dis-advantage is of all different possibilities.

> Even if the customer is in control of their web servers, it might be
> difficult to convince them to install and maintain something like
> Python on them.
> I find it a bit surprising that so many people on comp.lang.python
> don't realize what kind of practical complications most commercial
> software developers have to struggle with if they don't just follow
> the mainstream and use PHP or Java for all web apps.

Yeah well, I remember that I had a hard time getting java support 
instead of cgi alone, then somewhat later I've had that with perl and 
PHP and whatever, it always feels like playing catch up.
I really had it with all that begging to get this or that supported.
I've been bitten so many times over support issues that it isn't even 
funny anymore, so in the end I realized that the only way to get it down 
in a acceptable way is to do it myself or source it to a small company 
that needs the customer.

> My ISP (FS Data in Sweden) has Python installed, and always upgraded
> it when I asked them (but only then, so I suspect I'm the only user--
> and this is one of the biggest ISPs in Sweden).

As I said above, I found it more likely to get support from smaller 
companies then the bigger ones.

> Even if I have access to Python, they don't allow me to have my own
> long running processes, so I'm stuck with CGI, which wouldn't work
> very well with a much higher load than my moin has. (Actually, I
> didn't really need more, so I haven't asked for mod_python support
> etc.)
> Colocation is certainly getting much cheaper, my ISP charges much less
> than 95EUR/month.(295 SEK). Still, it would certainly be great if
> mod_python, twisted and zope support etc would be as common as mod_perl
> or PHP support. We can only get that if we actively ask for it, and if
> we really favour vendors that provide this support when we can.

But overall I must say the I agree with you, and that this chicken/egg 
problem can only be resolved by further popularity of python.


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