JBUS and Python which way

Alan Kennedy alanmk at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 3 12:47:16 CEST 2005

 > My aim is to have an idea of the alternatives technologies for
 > accessing information produced by a machine with a JBUS interface
 > (RS232) and how to access this information realtime in Python
 > (connecting a PC locally via serial port).
 > I'm aware of pyserial but I wonder if there is a library/module that
 > takes care of accessing/interpreting JBUS protocol. I've searched for
 > this without results.

A possibility you may not have considered is to use a Java library for 
Modbus/JBus, and then use jython to control that. The following looks 
like a likely candidate.


I imagine that writing your own cpython implementation wouldn't be that 
difficult. I did some modbus work in C back in the 90s, and it was 
pretty straightforward, but requiring a lot of finicky bit-twiddling. 
I'm pretty certain that writing a python implementation would be a snap.

 > I also searched the net looking for some information so that I could
 > have a birds-eye-view on this subject and got the impression that a
 > possibility is to have the communication (JBUS protocol / buffering)
 > managed by some hardware component. Is this so? Can some-one give me
 > some pointers/resources on this subject. Would it still be possible
 > to work with Python.

Well, if you do find some hardware component that manages the JBus 
interface, you've then turned your problem into "How to talk between the 
PC and the JBus instrument-manager" rather than "How to talk between the 
PC and JBus instruments". Depending on the protocol used by the 
"instrument-manager", you may be able to use python to control that.


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