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Steve Holden steve at
Wed Aug 31 06:28:19 CEST 2005

praba kar wrote:
> --- Sybren Stuvel
> <sybrenUSE at> wrote:
>>Steve Holden enlightened us with:
>>>It's obvious you aren't using that EXACT code,
>>because it doesn't
>>>formulate a three-paragraph message. So the bit we
>>really need to
>>>see is how you capture and formulate the argument
>>to set_payload().
>>I'd rather see what I asked for, which is the output
>>msg.as_string(). That contains all that's sent to
>>the client.
> msg.as_string() have all the client data(which include
> headers and body of the message
Does this mean you can't let us see it, or that you still don't 
understand what we want to see? Without knowing what you are passing to 
the sendmail process we can't tell what's wrong, not being psychic :-)

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