Syntax error after upgrading to Python 2.4

nicolas_riesch nicolas.riesch at
Wed Aug 10 08:18:49 EDT 2005

frr at wrote:
>                           additive = self.additive,
>                                          ^
> SyntaxError: invalid syntax
I'm using Windows XP and Python 2.4.1
> Any ideas? O:-)

I had a similar problem with python 2.4.1.

When I imported some module, I got a SyntaxError like you.

But if I run the module directly, and not importing it, it works and
dos not trigger any SyntaxError.

As a workaround, I put a comment ( just a # can do ) at the end of the
offending line, and I could then import the module without any problem.

It is certainly a bug, and I think it is perhaps this one ( bug 1211639

or this one ( bug 1200686 ):

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