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[ web based boards ]

>> And which useful tools do you require?
> A choice of news readers to suit different people with different
> interfaces,

- different browsers, different stylesheets, different board styles 

> filtering,

There is often a search function, which filters away everything that 
doesn't match. There are also things like word filters, etc.

> kill files,


> etc. etc.


> A forum provides a
> single, usually rather limited, interface for the user with no way for
> the user to change it radically.

Does the user want this? And with a user stylesheet you can change it 
quite radically :-)

And in return the user gets: colors, fonts, font sizes, embedding of 
images, flash, you name it. Moving avatars, even sounds.

Oh, yes, I would love to see an XML interface on the board I use. Maybe 
I can just install a mod, or write one myself.

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