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Alessandro Bottoni alessandro.bottoni at
Thu Aug 18 10:53:56 CEST 2005

Titi Anggono wrote:
> 1. Can we use Tkinter for web application such as Java?

What do you mean? If you want to build up a GUI (something like a HTML page)
for a web-based application, you can do it with TKinter. Your TKinter app
can connect to a web server (or any other kind of server) using the
standard Python networking libraries.

If you want to make a web application (a server-side application similar to
the ones you can create with JSP or EJB) you do not need Tkinter at all.
Just use Python itself (see Albatross, Webware and Quixote for a few
web-app frameworks for Python).

> 2. I use module for interfacing with
> gnuplot in linux. Can we make the plot result shown in
> web ? I tried using cgi, and it didn't work.

The ability to display a image (in this case a GNUPlot plot) on a web page
depends on the browser. Normally, you have to install a specific plug-in
for displaying not-standard types of images on a web page, like it happens
with Macromedia Flash.

I do not know if exists any GNUPlot plug-in for the most common web
browsers. Maybe you can save your plot in a format that is compatible with
the existing viewers, like GIF, TIFF or JPEG. Have a look at GNUPlot
documentation for this.


Alessandro Bottoni

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