client server question

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Aug 11 14:35:03 CEST 2005

John wrote:
> I have a simple script that runs a server where one client can connect.
> I would like to make it so that many clients can connect to one server
> on the same port. Where can I find how to do this?

Start by reading to 
learn how to ask better questions.

Then consider that "script that runs a server" could mean either you've 
written a Python "script" that runs *as* a server, but has the 
limitation of only one client connection at a time, or it could mean 
that your script simply runs (via, for example, a call to os.system()) 
an external server program which has this limitation.

Given the ambiguity of your request, it's impossible to give a useful 
answer without lots of guessing.  Please clear up the above question and 
provide much more detail and you'll likely get a more directly useful 


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