certificate-based authentication (Martin v. Löwis)

Dennis.Hoffman at seagate.com Dennis.Hoffman at seagate.com
Fri Aug 19 18:06:19 CEST 2005

> The standard xmlrpclib should work fine. You need to inherit from the
> SafeTransport class, overriding get_host_info to return the x509_info.
> You then pass an instance of your transport to the ServerProxy.

Ok - I have upgraded to the newer version of xmlrpclib that has the
'get_host_info' method.  I have created a new class (inherited from the
SafeTransport class), and overriden the get_host_info method.  So my
question now is where does the the x509_info come from?  Is that the
key/certificate comming back from the server?  If so, how do I get that?
If not, then where does it come from?  You must excuse my ignorance, as
this is all fairly new to me, and am still in the learning phase.

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