Testing for presence of arguments

Madhusudan Singh spammers-go-here at spam.invalid
Thu Aug 18 18:40:24 CEST 2005

Peter Maas wrote:

>> Thanks for the suggestion, but seems needlessly complicated for
>  > something very simple.
> What is "very simple"? The problem or the solution? :) If you examine

The form of the solution.

> this suggestion more closely you will note that it is more or less
> the same as Benji York's one except Benji used a built-in class.

Many good solutions have some similarity. From the point of view of a user
trying to include some simple functionality in a already complicated
application, Benji's answer was most definitely more useful.

> If you are interested in getting help on usenet you should abstain
> from devaluating efforts to give you a useful reply. "Thanks for
> the suggestion" or even no answer would have been sufficient.

One might have thought that a truthful assessment would have been
appreciated at the other end. I myself help people on the Usenet on some
other newsgroups, and am usually welcoming of responses that offer a
relevant criticism. The exchange improves me as much as it improves them.

Thanks for the suggestion, anyways :)

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