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Alessandro Bottoni alessandro.bottoni at
Thu Aug 18 18:32:14 CEST 2005

pcaro8a wrote:
> I am new to python I am trying to install the numeric library and I
> get the following error:
> error: Python was built with version 6 of Visual Studio, and
> extensions need to
> be built with the same version of the compiler, but it isn't installed.
> Do I need Visual Studio to make this work or is there any other reason
> for this message?

Well, the message is clear: the Python interpreter and PyNumeric were not
built with the same version of the MS compiler. Did you get both of them
from the same repository? Did you check the python version required by
PyNumeric before installing it? If so, try to contact the PyNum people and
ask for help.

BTW: to fix this problem, you should either:
1) borrow a copy of VC6.X and (re)compile PyNumeric with it (or find someone
that can do this for you on the Net. Do not look at me: I'm using Linux.)
2) compile both the Python interpreter and PyNumeric with the same compiler,
using a compiler of your choice (as long as it is a supported ANSI C

Given the open source nature of Python you _could_ download its source and
recompile the interpreter with the compiler of your choice. You can do the
same with its extensions. Unfortunately, as you can imagine, compiling the
interpreter and its extension from their sources can be quite hard, in
particular if you have to use a compiler other from the standard (MSVC on
Windows, I think).

Should you be forced to recompile your stuff, have a look at the site and at the official documentation. You will find a
section devoted to the task of compiling python from source with a list of
the supported compilers (and have a experienced C programmer at hand, if


Alessandro Bottoni

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