ANN: Kamaelia 0.2.0 released!

phil hunt zen19725 at
Wed Aug 3 13:40:00 CEST 2005

On Tue, 2 Aug 2005 12:53:29 +0100, Tim Golden <tim.golden at> wrote:
>[Michael Sparks]
>| Phil Hunt wrote:
>| > Kamaelia seems it might be an interesting project. However, I don't
>| > think the project is well served by this announcement -- which I 
>| > find vague and hard to understand. Which is a shame, because it
>| > means that other people probably don't understand it very well
>| > either, which means less people will use it.
>| It is a shame, and thanks for mentioning this. Let me have another
>| go :-) (ripping to shreds welcome :)
>| OK, here's a better go. (It's always difficult to think where to pitch
>| this sort of thing)
>[... snip ...]
>I just wanted to say that I find the ideas behind Kamaelia
>interesting, and I only wish I had an application for it!
>Because I'm not especially into media-streaming, I'm more
>interested in it from the point of view of the generator-based
>What prompted me to write now was in appreciation of Michael's
>taking the effort to recast his words into a form which might
>well be understood better by others (including me) when he
>might well have simply huffed a bit and told the other poster 
>to read the words on the site and stop complaining about the HTML!

I'd second that!

I'm not trying to be critical, honestly, I'm trying to understand
something that looks like it could be very cool indeed.

(And on a more general level to improve the average quality of 
documentation for open source projects. Something which is bvery 
often deficient.)

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