What is Python?!

Jeff Schwab jeffrey.schwab at rcn.com
Thu Aug 11 06:49:59 CEST 2005

bruno modulix wrote:
> bash is a scripting language,

Bash is a shell.  It is frequently used for scripting, but that is only 
a secondary purpose.

> javascript is a scripting language,

Yes, but it's a particularly specialized one.

> perl is a scripting language,

Blasphemy!  Perl is a dynamic language, entirely suitable for large 
applications.  I've written some pretty big programs entirely in Perl, 
and extended it with C and C++ to make it fit nicely into existing 
application frameworks.

> php is a scripting language,

OK, but it's also awfully specialized.

> Python is *not* a scripting language !-)

It's a scripting language, among other things.  Why do you think 
non-imported source files are not automatically compiled to pyc's?

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