Adobe COM with Python

Benjamin Niemann pink at
Fri Aug 19 15:34:24 CEST 2005

Andy W wrote:

> I'm wanting to automate Adove Acrobat Reader using Com thru Python and
> win32com, but i can't find any documentation for the Adobe stuff? Has
> anyone done anything with Acrobat COM ?
> I've searched Google groups and the web but am unable to find anything.

I have not hacked Acrobat yet, but done a bit with InDesign - Adobe's
documentation is less than perfect, but still pretty good. You might look
- in InDesign I could easily map the methods and attributes from the JS
documentation to COM calls (the JS members start with lowercase - e.g.
'properties' -, while COM need uppercase - 'Properties').

Benjamin Niemann
Email: pink at odahoda dot de

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