"Compile time" checking?

Qopit russandheather at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 21:01:01 CEST 2005

> Why not just find out, by trying to compile it? :-)

This will likely certify me as a python newbie, but... how do you mean?
 How do you compile a .py file?

If you mean to .pyc by doing an import on it, that may work fine for
the simple example I typed up earlier, but that is easy to bypass by
slapping the offending line in a function.  The sample below also
passes PyChecker with not even a warning:

def tester(a,b,c):
  print "bogus test function",a,b,c

def try1():
def try2():
  tester(1,2)    #still no error here

Do you mean something different?

Also - thanks for the pylint comment... haven't tried it yet.  It would
be nice to have the capability in an IDE like SPE, though.

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