Some newbie cgi form questions...

Diez B.Roggisch deets at
Sun Aug 7 06:25:51 EDT 2005

> The second for loop is an attempt at trying to print all the values
> that were entered on the for without presenting the hidden values.  I'd
> really like to do this, but I can't seem to figure out how to make a
> special case for hidden form values, nor can I find an example of how
> to do it in any of the many python cgi pages I've visited so far.  If I

You can't find that out by just processing the http request - http
doesn't know types in form fields. Only HTML(!) does that. But
as you are the one who created the form in the first place, you
should know which from fields are the hidden ones. 
Or - if you are more after a generic approach, use namespaces.
You can do that by naming hidden fields e.g. hidden:<name>, 
where <name> is of course something like foo or bar or whatever.


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