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Lucas Raab dotpyFE at
Mon Aug 22 01:17:31 CEST 2005

John Walton wrote:
> Hello, everyone.  I just began school, and they
> already assigned us science fair.  Since I'm in 8th
> grade, I get to do demonstrations for our projects. 
> I'm probably going to demonstrate Python's networking
> capabilities by writing a simple instant messenger
> program.  I only have a few problems:
> 1. I know squat about Python network Programming
> 2. I know nothing about networks
>   So if any of you know of a good Python Networking
> Tutorial or a website with lots of information on
> networks and networking, please reply.  Thanks!

I believe the Twisted Matrix library has an IM module written for it and 
a tutorial on programming with the library.

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