python for microcontrollers

Evil Bastard spam at me.please
Wed Aug 10 00:59:45 EDT 2005

Peter Hansen wrote:
> So while it would probably make an
> interesting project, and I'm pretty sure it's quite feasible, grabbing
> an off the shelf Forth might be a more productive use of your time.

Heh, methinks one might be misunderstanding the Forth culture.

Forth compilers are like poetry, in that the number of available works
exceeds the number of users. :)

Forth can, and so often does, disappear up its own ring-hole in the
blink of an eye. Its hardcore extensibility is so often its own downfall
since. with the way many people work with it. it earns its reputation as
a 'write-only language' over and over again. Quite often, to understand
a piece of Forth code, you have to crawl in and out of all the author's
body cavities many times.

What I'm saying is that it often takes less time to write a Forth than
to properly learn and understand someone else's implemention. In this
way, Forth is like undergarments - you can admire those worn by others,
but you sure as hell don't want to wear them yourself. :P



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