Wheel-reinvention with Python

Mike Meyer mwm at mired.org
Wed Aug 3 02:23:12 CEST 2005

Jorge Godoy <godoy at ieee.org> writes:
> Mike Meyer wrote:
>>> In fact this sounds more like a joke I've heard a while ago: standards,
>>> if you don't like the ones out there, create your own.
>> Works for me.
> What works for you?  You believe that chaos is better than having standards? 
> I believe that flexibility is good, but not chaos.

I believe that multiple competing options is better than an externally
enforced standard, or a single option with a near-monopoly position.

If none of the options are good enough for the job at hand, you create
your own.
>> won't recap the thread, but other languages have been *very*
>> successful without having a GUI as part of the language, all they had
>> was one development environment distributed with a GUI.
> One IDE, you mean?  I believe the freedom to choose from multiple IDEs is
> also good.  Some code on VI, others on Emacs, others on Eclipse, others
> on ... 

IDE is short for "integrated development environment". I chose a
slightly broader phrase. The languages had more options than one
specific distribution, but that one dominated at least one market.

>> BTW, in answer to your rhetorical question about GUI's for Linux, the
>> answer is plwm.
> :-)
> And does it integrate well with common business apps, such as a mail client,
> note taking apps, addressbooks (with personal and shared entries), calendar
> with ability to share appointments, etc.?

Of course.

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