python for microcontrollers

Magnus Lycka lycka at
Wed Aug 10 17:06:39 CEST 2005

Peter Hansen wrote:
> (Not trying to argue, just understand, because it looks like you're 
> conflating Forth programs with Forth implementations, or perhaps I'm 
> even more ignorant than noted above and am missing a key point. :-)

It's decades since I coded Forth, but I suspect that Forth compilers
typically behave differently. On the other hand Forth is very simple,
so it's probably not rocket science to write a new Forth compiler. It
doesn't surprise me if it's simpler to write your own Forth compiler
than to use one written by someone else--particularly.

For a tiny device such as a PIC, it's not as if you will load a lot
of third party libraries into your runtime environemt. I assume I/O
functionality you desire would be implemented in the compiler, and
it might well vary depending on your application how these are best

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