Some newbie cgi form questions...

googleboy mynews44 at
Sun Aug 7 05:12:50 EDT 2005

Hi there.

I am having a bit of a play with teh cgi module, trying to figure out
how to process a web form.

I have come a little ways from reading up variou sexamples and tutes
that I've found on the net, but they all leave me with a couple of

My code below has an attempt at validation that doesn't seem to do
anything.  I am expecting that it will report an error if all the
fields haven't been filled in.  Instead, it seems to just ignore an
empty field and carry on.

The second for loop is an attempt at trying to print all the values
that were entered on the for without presenting the hidden values.  I'd
really like to do this, but I can't seem to figure out how to make a
special case for hidden form values, nor can I find an example of how
to do it in any of the many python cgi pages I've visited so far.  If I
removed the "if not type=hidden" and fix the indentation this works
pretty much as I expect.



print 'Content-type: text/html\n\n'
print htmlheader

for key in form.keys():
    if not form.has_key(key):
        print "<h1> ERROR! <h1><BR>"
        print "Please go back and fill in all fields.  All fields are

print "You entered the following:<br> "
for key in form.keys():
    if not type="hidden":
        print form[key].value + '<br><br>'
print '<br>' + timestamp
print '<br><br>'
print '</body></html>'

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