Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Aug 22 17:14:01 CEST 2005

42 wrote:
> But for what its worth, I *am* curious what sorts of holes persist. I 
> did try googling the archives, but with no idea what I'm looking for -- 
> python security brings up a mess of unrelated issues... Python in 
> Apache, rexec/bastion stuff, xss, issues with infinite loops and many 
> other 'security' issues that might be relevant to someone running python 
> on a web server where you have to be concerned about DOS but not of any 
> concern to me... and so on and so forth.
> Can you, or someone, at least give me a few keywords I should be looking 
> for that will bring matches for the sorts of attachs you've hinted at? 

"security" plus just about anything involved, such as rexec, bastion, 
eval, and exec, appear to bring forth reams of relevant info.  Try 
sorting by date instead of Google's questionable "relevance" to make 
sure you're getting some of the more recent discussions too.


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