Syntax error after upgrading to Python 2.4

John Machin sjmachin at
Sat Aug 6 09:46:05 EDT 2005

Fernando wrote:
>>I don't see the problem yet.  I certainly do not see anything that should
>>have been affected by the upgrade (was it from 2.3 on XP also?)
> Yes.
>>After checking for nonprinting chars, I would shuffle the param-default
>>lines to try to determine which is really at fault.  Good luck, or wait for
>>a more helpful response.
> I reinstalled version 2.3.5

You didn't need to remove it in the first place.

> and everything works fine now. It's
> definately something related to the latest version.

Oh? Did you check for nonprinting chars, as advised?

> <rant>
> This is one of the main resons I finally gave up using Python

Huh? You're still here, still using it, ...

> and
> switched to Smalltalk. You can't concentrate on your work while someone
> is permanently introducing changes to your tool.

Well stick with Python 2.3.5 then!!

> Constantly adding new features to a language might be fun, but it
> substantially increases the odds of adding bugs and misfeatures, such
> as whatever was causing problems with my code or the 'perlish' syntax
> for decorators.
> </rant>

Or switch to (e.g.) Sather; no funsters adding bugs & misfeatures to 
that sucker :-)

> Feeling much better now. :-)

I hope so ...

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