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km km at mrna.tn.nic.in
Tue Aug 23 09:34:54 CEST 2005

> If you want a fast language, try Holden. I've just invented it. 
> Unfortunately it gets the answer to every problem wrong unless the 
> answer is 42, but boy it runs quickly. The code for the whole 
> interpreter (it's written in Python) follows:

> print 42

great ! u can use it for ur own projects. but pls donot suggest it to anyone else. i think u can get an award for developing such a fast language in such a shorter time ;-) may be u can also be called 'Guido Holden Rossum' ;-) anyway improve it - its quite buggy now :-D

> Speed of execution is so insignificant for the majority of programming problems 
I donot agree with that.
If thats the case then no one would be using C or C++ etc for instance.
one important thing is that i am not comparing python with C but with similar language, Perl. well ofcourse i dont jump into conclusion, just with just a simple 'loops' snippet, that python is slower than perl. but when speed is important then ? also i hate people recommending "if u need speed code it as a C extension module". ofcourse i donot expect pure python/perl program to execute at the speed of a  C program.

> that this obsession reveals a certain inexperience.

its neither obsession nor inexperience ... its just the requirement.
i think less buggy code is not the main concern for all. if thats the case there are better languages (like Ada with better built in exception classes) and so used in mission critical applications. even perl is still popular even its difficult to maintain, but when one looks for speed (naturally), rather than the readability & maintainability of the code, does python suit perl ? 
i am aware one of the main principle python isn founded is better readability but is that a feature  which decreases execution speed ? then what is it ? even perl is still popular even if its difficult to maintain after a certian stage of coding. there obviously will be a bias in this list towards python but i need a honest opinion of  python vs perl. (especially when it comes  to webscripting)

> regards
>   Steve

"The inventor of Holden"


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