UCALC equivalent

Larry Bates lbates at syscononline.com
Fri Aug 12 19:30:15 CEST 2005

Python has built in eval function and doesn't require
a library.

Larry Bates

Dark Cowherd wrote:
> http://www.ucalc.com/mathparser/index.html
> There is a great library called UCALC which allows you to set up an
> expression and evaluate it
> for e.g. you an define an expression by calling a function in UCALC
> then call it with various values of x
> for e.g. see this page
> http://www.ucalc.com/mathparser/sample6.html
> It is very fast. I have used it in VB when there is lot of number
> crunching to be done.
> Is there a Python equivalent.
> I looked at numPy and SciPy sites (just skimmed through) did'nt seem
> to have what I wanted.
> Any pointers?

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