PIL: retreive image resolution (dpi)

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Mon Aug 22 19:54:39 CEST 2005

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> AlexGreif.2609394 at bloglines.com wrote:
>> I looked at the PIL Image class but cannot see a posibility to retreive
>> the image resolution dots per inch (or pixels per inch)
> Not all formats provide a DPI value; since PIL doesn't do anything with
> DPI it's not part of the main interface.

Digital images intrinsically have a size in pixels, not a 'resolution'. 
Resolutions (dpi or whatever) represent relationships and transformations 
between images and physical substrates.  Somes images have an input 
transform, though for digital cameras, the input dpi or dpm(illimeter) of 
the ccd imager is seldom useful.  Some have one *or more* output 
transforms.  Some have both.  So I think the option i/o transforms are best 
thought of and kept as 'extra' data.  (The same applies to strings and I/O 

Terry J. Reedy

Terry J. Reedy

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