Python 2.1 Bible Source

Colin Gillespie c.gillespie at
Thu Aug 25 09:15:37 EDT 2005

SuppressedPen wrote:
> Hi Everyone!
> Just started with Python 2 weeks ago and I can't put it down it's to easy
> and to powerful, I'm sure the goons will be after us for having it soon, Hi
> Hi.
> Was wondering if anyone might know where I can find the source code for
> PYTHON 2.1 BIBLE book.  Apparently it was online until the publisher sold
> the company.  I also understand it has been sold a second time since the
> book was published.  Maybe someone has a copy?  Thanks. DOUG.

you can access the web-site through the, e.g.*/

The site runs fairly slowly, but all the pages seem to be there. I even 
downloaded the source code to the book from



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