PyPE 2.1 run problem

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Wed Aug 17 10:38:18 CEST 2005


I have downloaded the, after unzip it with winzip
into PyPE2.1-win-unicode dierctory on window XP. I try to run "pype.exe" 
by double 
click on it, but nothing has happen, then when I run it with "run as..." 
using the right click button. 
I have the following Message in the pype.exe.log

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 30, in ?
  File "configuration.pyc", line 129, in ?
WindowsError: [Errno 267] The directory name is invalid: 

I also copy the "PyPE2.1-win-unicode" directory into 
"C:\Python24\Lib\site-packages" and run it, but it behaves the same !!

Then I downloaded the source code and unzip it into "PyPe2.1-src", and run 
"python" in a command window.
The progroam detected I have an older version of wxPython 2.5.5 and askes 
me do I want to download the newer version
2.6.1. Which I did.

After downlowd the wxPython 2.6.1 (win-unicode" version). I installed it 
into Python 2.4.1, then re-run PyPE.
i.e re-issue "python" in a command window." I have the following 
traceback Error message:

[ Wed Aug 17 09:32:32 2005 ] Loading history from C:\Documents and 

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "", line 3926, in ?


  File "", line 3916, in main

    filehistory.root = root = app.frame = MainWindow(None, -1, "PyPE", 

  File "", line 438, in __init__


  File "", line 1152, in loadHistory

    self.config[nam][k] = dict(v)

TypeError: iteration over non-sequence

I wonder does anyone using PyPE2.1 on Windown XP SP2 and have the same 
problem? Can any one help
with the problem? Thanks in advance !

Tony Ha.

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