close failed: [Errno 0] No error goes to stdout

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Aug 29 15:04:46 CEST 2005

(Please don't top-post.  It makes quoting difficult and it's hard for 
people to follow the conversation.)

Yoav wrote:
> I run a Java command line program. The point is, that it's not the 
> program that output this error message for sure. 

Okay.  Since you don't provide any proof, we'll have to take you at your 

In that case, please provide the *complete traceback*, cut and pasted 
from your console window.  Don't just retype the error message. 
Generally people leave out crucial information when they do that.  The 
traceback (which Python will always print when it raises an exception) 
shows the failing line of code and the stack trace.  With it we can help 
you troubleshoot the problem.  Without it, you haven't provided enough 
information yet for anyone to do more than guess.


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