Replacement for keyword 'global' good idea? (e.g. 'modulescope'or 'module' better?)

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Sat Aug 6 19:58:53 CEST 2005

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>> I've heard 2 people complain that word 'global' is confusing.
>> Perhaps 'modulescope' or 'module' would be better?
>> Am I the first peope to have thought of this and suggested it?
>> Is this a candidate for Python 3000 yet?
>> Chris
> I don't think the global keyword is useful actually.
> What's so special in a module nemespace to be priviledged like that.

> The point IMO is accessing names defined somewhere in the enclosing 
> namespaces.

The issue isn't _accessing_ the module namespace. It's
binding to identifiers in the module  namespace.

The reason is that _assigning_ to an identifier in a
function or method makes that identifier local, so
there needs to be a simply way of saying that you
want to be able to assign to an identifier in the
module namespace. (There's already a more
complicated way: use the global() built-in function.)

John Roth

> Regards Paolino

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