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Ulrich Hobelmann u.hobelmann at web.de
Fri Aug 26 13:40:34 CEST 2005

John Bokma wrote:
> usenet at isbd.co.uk wrote:
>> In comp.lang.perl.misc John Bokma <john at castleamber.com> wrote:
> [ web based boards ]
>>> And which useful tools do you require?
>> A choice of news readers to suit different people with different
>> interfaces,
> - different browsers, different stylesheets, different board styles 
> (themes).

But the UI is still *forced* on you by the website; no choice.  There's 
only a very limited choice, and it invariably *includes* the UI.  With 
NNTP *you* choose how to interpret and display the data you get.

> http://www.phpbb.com/mods/

Great.  How can I, the user, choose, how to use a mod on a given web 
server?  What if the web server runs another board than PHPBB?

>> A forum provides a
>> single, usually rather limited, interface for the user with no way for
>> the user to change it radically.
> Does the user want this? And with a user stylesheet you can change it 
> quite radically :-)

The look, not the feel.

> And in return the user gets: colors, fonts, font sizes, embedding of 
> images, flash, you name it. Moving avatars, even sounds.

As I wrote earlier, you *could* run a web forum over NNTP, and use HTML 
posts instead of plain text.  It would have the advantages of NNTP.

> Oh, yes, I would love to see an XML interface on the board I use. Maybe 
> I can just install a mod, or write one myself.

What would that XML be for?  Any particular *use*?

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