how do i make exteranl module work under debug session?

Wen wenming_hu2002 at
Fri Aug 12 13:07:53 CEST 2005

Hi guys! I'm writing a small DLL thingy that requieres the use of loading 
the Python
interpreter and executing a series of scripts. I have generated an interface 
to my
dll with SWIG and put it in. It works like this:

1) a small .exe loads the .dll and calls the main init() function
2) the dll starts up some services, among them Py_Initialize ()
3) i tell python to execute: execfile("") ( is the file 
that SWIG
generates for the shadow classes)

All this works in the release version, but in the debug version i get this 
message along with an assert failure: Fatal Python error: Interpreter not 
(version mismatch?)

Now, this might due to a fault of mine, but... The thing is that the windows
installer of python didn't come with debug libraries or .dll, so i 
downloaded the
python source, and compiled those, and am using those for the debug, but the 
instalation ones for release version.

Can anyone help? Thanx 

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